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Who are we ?

Korotché , an innovative and inspiring textile brand, draws its essence from the four corners of the world to offer you a one-of-a-kind clothing collection. Born from the imagination and creative genius of two childhood friends from Mali and Burkina Faso in West Africa, Korotché symbolizes a remarkable fusion between rich cultural roots and a modern vision of fashion.

These two souls linked by a common destiny grew up in the eastern suburbs of the Ile de France, dreaming of an excessive ambition: to create ranges of clothing in their image, combining audacity and originality. Despite the lack of experience in the fashion field, their passion and determination pushed them to launch Korotché . A name that pays homage to their heritage, since Korotché means “big brother” in Bambara, the language most spoken in their countries of origin. This choice underlines their desire to protect and honor their roots, while embodying the role of benevolent guardians, like their journey in the Parisian suburbs and within their family.

Today, Korotché aspires to make its mark on the world of Parisian, French and international fashion with its unique designs, innovative cuts and carefully chosen color palette. Our designers are committed to bringing a personal and distinctive touch to each piece, inviting everyone to discover and celebrate the story and values ​​behind our brand.

Join us on this fascinating adventure and support a vision of fashion that transcends borders, combining tradition and modernity. Discover Korotché , where textile innovation meets global inspiration.